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Genomic organization of the mouse OSF-1 gene.

The mouse OSF-1 protein (also known as pleiotrophin, HB-GAM, HBGF-8, or HBNF) gene was isolated from a mouse genomic library and sequenced. OSF-1 is a 15-kD secreted protein specifically expressed in bone and brain, and is believed to play a role in brain development and osteogenesis. The mouse OSF-1 gene consists of at least 5 exons and 4 introns and spans > 32 kb. Computer analysis of approximately 4 kb of 5'-flanking sequence of the OSF-1 gene revealed two candidate promoter regions. One candidate promoter contains a thyroid hormone/retinoic acid-responsive element and the other contains two glucocorticoid-responsive elements. DNA sequence analysis of novel OSF-1 cDNA clones indicates that two promoters can be utilized in MC3T3-E1 osteoblastic cells. The overall organization of the mouse OSF-1 gene is similar and the locations of the three exon-intron junctions within the coding region are identical to the mouse gene encoding the differentiation-related factor midkine (MK). Based on this similarity and on the high degree of nucleotide sequence homology (approximately 55%) of mouse OSF-1 and mouse MK, we conclude that OSF-1 and MK are generated from a common ancestral gene and are members of a family of structurally and probably functionally related proteins.[1]


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