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Non-redundant role of Shc in Erk activation by cytoskeletal reorganization.

We have shown previously that cytoskeletal reorganization (CSR) induced by pharmacological reagents such as colchicine or cytochalasins can up-regulate the urokinase-type plasminogen activator ( uPA) gene via the Ras/Erk signaling pathway. In this present study using the small interfering RNA technique, we have found that ShcA adapter proteins play a rather active role in CSR- induced Erk activation, contrary to their mostly redundant role in other signaling pathways, e.g. growth factor-induced Erk activation, where Grb2 can bind directly to the receptor tyrosine kinase and activate Erk in the absence of ShcA. ShcA knockdown abolished CSR- induced activation of both Erk and the uPA promoter. Expression of small interfering RNA-escaping silent mutants of p52 or p46 but not p66 ShcA isoform efficiently rescued CSR- induced Erk activation. Moreover, we have shown that phosphorylation of either Tyr-239/Tyr-240 or Tyr-313 in p52(ShcA) can mediate CSR-induced Erk activation equally well. In a quest for molecules upstream of ShcA in this signaling, we found that CSR-induced ShcA tyrosine phosphorylation, its association with Grb2, Erk activation, and uPA gene expression were all dependent on Rho kinase, p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase, and Src. In summary, we have found a novel, non-redundant role for ShcA in contrast to its redundant role in many other signaling pathways.[1]


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