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IL-12/GM-CSF coadministration in an SIV DNA prime/protein boost protocol enhances Gag-specific T cells but not virus-specific neutralizing antibodies in rhesus macaques.

Coadministration of pVecB7, a replication-defective SIV DNA vaccine, with interleukin-12 and GM-CSF expression plasmids, induced markedly enhanced control of viral replication and disease-free survival in macaques challenged intrarectally with pathogenic SIVsmE660. Protective mechanisms correlated with broader cell-mediated immune responses to the first two-thirds of the SIV Gag protein and possibly with enhanced SIVsmE660 antibody neutralization at set point, but not with pre- or early postchallenge SIVsmE660 neutralizing antibody production.[1]


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