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Gene Review

CSF2  -  colony stimulating factor 2 (granulocyte...

Macaca mulatta

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Disease relevance of GM-CSF


Psychiatry related information on GM-CSF

  • The discordant results of this growth factor combination in these two models may imply codependence of the hematopoietic response to TPO and/or GM-CSF on other factors or cytokines [6].

High impact information on GM-CSF

  • Stimulation of haematopoiesis in primates by continuous infusion of recombinant human GM-CSF [7].
  • We find that the continuous infusion of GM-CSF in healthy monkeys rapidly elicits a dramatic leukocytosis and a substantial reticulocytosis [7].
  • We conclude that GM-CSF may be useful in accelerating bone marrow reconstitution [1].
  • After withdrawal of GM-CSF, neutrophil counts fell to values comparable to those observed in untreated controls [1].
  • In addition, topical immunization with the attenuated virus expressing GM-CSF induced a greater number of virus-specific IFN-gamma-secreting T lymphocytes in the peripheral blood of monkeys than did immunization with the control virus bearing an unrelated RNA insert [2].

Biological context of GM-CSF

  • The kinetics of the carbohydrate-specific IgG response correlated with a temporary release of cytokines such as IFNgamma, IL-2, IL-1beta, TNFalpha and GM-CSF which was measurable in the immune serum by xMAP Multiplex technology [8].
  • In contrast, neither IL-3 alone nor simultaneously administered IL-3/GM-CSF elicited increases in thrombopoiesis between days 3 and 15 [9].
  • Platelet counts maximally increased to a mean of 7.5 x 10(5)/microL (n = 3) on days 11 through 12 in monkeys treated with sequential IL-3/GM-CSF [9].
  • Megakaryocyte ploidy distributions were significantly (P < .001) shifted between days 7 and 10 in monkeys treated sequentially and between days 3 and 15 in monkeys treated with combined IL-3/GM-CSF and with GM-CSF alone but not in monkeys treated with IL-3 alone [9].
  • CD34+ cells with high GM-CSF-receptor expression coexpressed high levels of the class II major histocompatibility antigen RhLA-DR, whereas CD34+/RhLA-DRlow cells, which represent developmentally earlier cells, were either GM-CSF-receptor negative or expressed GM-CSF receptors at very low levels [10].

Anatomical context of GM-CSF

  • Instead, GM-CSF stimulation resulted in terminal differentiation into adherent cells, showing that these cells represented monocyte precursors [10].
  • We conclude that administration of IL-3 followed by GM-CSF treatment increases thrombopoiesis by sequentially increasing megakaryocyte numbers and maturation and that these effects are diminished by simultaneous administration of the two cytokines [9].
  • The results show that GM-CSF-receptor expression is initiated in a subset of immature, CD34bright/RhLA-DRdull cells and is progressively increased during differentiation into mature granulocytes and monocytes [10].
  • TPO/GM-CSF was more effective than single-dose TPO alone in stimulating thrombocyte regeneration, with a less profound nadir and a further accelerated recovery to normal thrombocyte counts, as well as a slight overshoot to supranormal levels of thrombocytes [11].
  • Also, reticulocyte production was stimulated by TPO and further augmented in monkeys treated with TPO/GM-CSF [11].

Associations of GM-CSF with chemical compounds


Other interactions of GM-CSF

  • A large fraction (> 30%) of single-cell/well-sorted CD34bright/RhLA-DRdull cells formed multilineage colonies after 2 to 4 weeks of stimulation with IL-3, GM-CSF, Kit ligand, and IL-6 [13].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of GM-CSF


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