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Molecular comparison of rat cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase 8 family: unique expression of PDE8B in rat brain.

Cyclic nucleotide phosphodiestease (PDE) type 8 is categorized into a family of 3-isobutyl-1-methylxanthine-insensitive PDE hydrolyzing cAMP with high affinity. We have isolated cDNAs encoding rat PDE8A and PDE8B from brain and testis, respectively. The sequence analysis demonstrated that rat PDE8A was a protein of 823 amino acid residues. Rat PDE8B protein was predicted as an N-terminal truncated form of 760 amino acid residues. Both of rat PDE8 proteins include REC, PAS and catalytic PDE domains. Tissue-specific expression patterns of rat PDE8A and PDE8B transcripts were demonstrated by Northern blot analysis. Rat PDE8A transcripts were rich in the liver and testis, and those of rat PDE8B were particularly abundant in the brain and were not expressed in the thyroid gland, while human thyroid gland contains PDE8B transcripts at a high level. Rat PDE8B transcripts were found in all brain regions other than cerebellum and shown to exist in the neuronal cells in in situ hybridization. Mouse PDE8B1 sequence was also identified by a database search and sequence alignment, revealing a protein of 885 amino acid residues, which is 99% and 96% identical to rat and human PDE8B1, respectively. As well as rat PDE8B, expression of mouse PDE8B transcripts was not confined to the thyroid gland. Species-dependent tissue expression pattern was quite unique features of PDE8B.[1]


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