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Influence of titanium surfaces on attachment of osteoblast-like cells in vitro.

Implant surface topography influences osteoblastic proliferation, differentiation and extracellular matrix protein expressions. Studies on preliminary interactions of osteoblast-like cells on implant interface through in vitro systems, can give lucid insights to osseo-integrative efficacies of when in vivo implants. In the present investigation two titanium surfaces of dental implants, a sandblasted and acid-etched surface and an experimental grooved surface were compared through in vitro systems. The titanium implants were seeded with osteoblast-like primary cells and maintained for a period of 1-7 days. Expressions of fibronectin and osteonectin were assessed through immunogold labelling by scanning electron microscopy. The grooved surface, supported better osteoblastic cell adhesion and proliferation than the rough surfaces. Further, osteoblastic cells on the grooved surfaces also displayed a strong labelling for fibronectin at the cytoplasmic extensions coupled with intense osteonectin expression in comparison to the rough surfaced implants. In conclusion, grooved surfaces offered better cell attachment and proliferation than the other rough surfaces studied.[1]


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