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Chemokines and TRANCE as genetic adjuvants for a DNA vaccine to rabies virus.

An adaptive immune response is initiated by mature dendritic cells presenting processed antigen to nai;ve T cells. Assuming that the magnitude of the immune response is influenced by the number and type of antigen-presenting dendritic cells and by the duration of antigen presentation, we tested if chemokines that bind to receptors expressed on immature dendritic cells or TRANCE, a survival factor for mature dendritic cells, can serve as adjuvants. None of the immunomodulaters given as genetic adjuvants with a DNA vaccine encoding the full-length rabies virus glycoprotein augmented the transgene product-specific response. However, RANTES, MCP-1, MIP 1-beta, and TRANCE given together with a DNA vaccine expressing a truncated and thus secreted version of the rabies virus glycoprotein enhanced the response suggesting that the tested genetic adjuvants promoted preferentially presentation of reprocessed antigen originating from transduced tissue cells.[1]


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