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Genetic interactions among ZDS1,2, CDC37, and protein kinase CK2 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

We report here the identification of the homologous gene pair ZDS1,2 as multicopy suppressors of a temperature-sensitive allele (cka2-13(ts)) of the CKA2 gene encoding the alpha' catalytic subunit of protein kinase CK2. Overexpression of ZDS1,2 suppressed the temperature sensitivity, geldanamycin (GA) sensitivity, slow growth, and flocculation of multiple cka2 alleles and enhanced CK2 activity in vivo toward a known physiological substrate, Fpr3. Consistent with the existence of a recently described positive feedback loop between CK2 and Cdc37, overexpression of ZDS1,2 also suppressed the temperature sensitivity, abnormal morphology, and GA sensitivity of a CK2 phosphorylation-deficient mutant of CDC37, cdc37-S14A, as well as the GA sensitivity of a cdc37-1 allele. A likely basis for all of these effects is our observation that ZDS1,2 overexpression enhances Cdc37 protein levels. Activation of the positive feedback loop between CK2 and Cdc37 likely contributes to the pleiotropic nature of ZDS1,2, as both CK2 and Cdc37 regulate diverse cellular functions.[1]


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