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Toluene-degrading Antarctic Pseudomonas strains from fuel-contaminated soil.

Two psychrotolerant toluene-degrading Pseudomonas spp. were isolated from JP8 jet-fuel-contaminated soils, Scott Base, Antarctica. Isolates metabolized meta-toluate as sole carbon source at temperatures ranging from 6 to 30 degrees C. Large plasmids (>64kb) were isolated from both isolates. Sequence analysis of PCR products amplified using xylB (the gene encoding benzyl alcohol dehydrogenase) primers revealed that isolates 7/167 and 8/46 were 100% and 92% homologous, respectively, to the xylB gene of the meta-cleavage toluene degradative pathway encoded by the TOL plasmid (pWWO) of Pseudomonas putida mt-2. Assays of cell-free extracts of 7/167 and 8/46 demonstrated activity of catechol 2,3-dioxygenase, benzyl alcohol dehydrogenase, and benzaldehyde dehydrogenase, indicating that the isolates use the meta-cleavage pathway enzymes of toluene degradation typical of TOL type plasmids. As both isolates are able to grow at 6 degrees C ex situ it is feasible that they would be able to metabolize toluene in the Antarctic soils from where they were originally isolated.[1]


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