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Germ cell-less expression in medaka (Oryzias latipes).

The gene germ cell-less ( gcl) plays an important role in the early differentiation of germ cells in Drosophila. We isolated the gcl homolog of the model teleost medaka (Oryzias latipes) using degenerated primers and an ovary cDNA bank. The predicted amino acid sequence of medaka gcl showed 92, 68 and 31% overall identity to mouse, human and Drosophila gcl respectively. RT-PCR revealed stronger expression in the ovary and weaker expression in testis, brain, heart, liver and muscle tissue. Expression in early embryos indicates the presence of maternal mRNA. By in situ hybridisation ( ISH), gcl could not be detected in embryos. In contrast to vasa, ISH revealed expression of gcl in the ovary but not in the testis. Mol. Reprod. Dev. 67: 15-18, 2004.[1]


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