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Identification of connexin-43 interacting proteins.

Connexin-43 (Cx43), the most ubiquitously expressed vertebrate gap junction protein, has been shown to interact directly with Zonula Occludens-1 (ZO-1). Although several potential functions have been proposed for the ZO-1/Cx43 interaction, the role that ZO-1 and other Cx43-interacting partners play in the regulation of Cx43 trafficking, assembly, gating and turnover are not well understood. We believed a thorough analysis and classification of other Cx43-interacting proteins might help us to understand and better test these roles. We approached this question by utilizing Tandem Mass Spectrometry (MS/MS) analysis to identify proteins from normal rat kidney whole cell lysates that could interact with the C-terminal region of Cx43. Comparison against protein sequence databases identified 19 probable protein matches, including kinases, phosphatases, membrane receptors, cell signaling molecules and scaffolding proteins. We have further characterized some of these interacting proteins, including Zonula Occludens-2 (ZO-2), via western blotting and "pull down" experiments. Further in vitro/in vivo analysis of these interacting proteins will help in our understanding of the global role of connexins in regulating development, cell metabolism and growth.[1]


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