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The role of thromboxane in the uterotrophic response in the gravid normotensive and spontaneously hypertensive rat.

The role of thromboxane in the gravid normotensive (CD) and hypertensive (SHR) rat was investigated (by utilizing two thromboxane receptor-blocking drugs, EP092 and AH23848) both at mid-gestation and at term. The parameters examined were uterine blood flow (blood flows were measured by the microsphere technique) and uterine weight and placental blood flow at term, fetal mass and number. At mid-gestation EP092 significantly (P < 0.005) increased uterine blood flow in both strains whilst the increases seen with AH23848 were not statistically significant. At term (day 22 in the CD and day 23 in the SHR rat) the antagonists increased uterine blood flow in the CD rats alone. However, at this time the antagonists caused an increase in placental blood flow in both strains. Thromboxane appears to be involved in the regulation of uteroplacental blood flow. The observation that the antagonists were able to potentiate blood flow by mid-gestation may provide a clinical indication with respect to potential prophylactic use of this class of compounds in cases of pregnancy-induced hypertension in women.[1]


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