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Tear secretion in dry eyes as assessed by objective fluorophotometry.

To date, little information has been available about the actual amount of tear secretion in dry eyes. In the present study tear secretion was studied in 20 consecutive dry eye patients [40 eyes; Schirmer test after topical anesthesia < 5.5 mm/5 min; at least moderate squamous metaplasia of the conjunctival epithelium; bengal rose staining (Bijsterveld score > 4); severe dry eye complaints]. Tear secretion was evaluated by automated, computerized objective fluorophotometry and compared with that in an age-matched healthy control group. Tear secretion of the dry eyes examined was found to have decreased drastically (0.2 +/- 0.2 microliters/min) compared with that in healthy control eyes (1.2 +/- 0.5 microliters/min; P < 0.001). None of the dry eyes had a tear secretion of > 0.4 microliters/min.[1]


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