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Teratogenicity of arotinoids (retinoids) in the rat whole embryo culture.

Structural modifications of the arotinoid molecule RO 13-7410 led to a difference in the teratogenic potencies of more than five orders of magnitude in mice in vivo and in micromass cultures of rat embryonic limb bud cells (Kistler et al. 1990). Five of these retinoids were selected and tested in rat whole embryo culture to determine the suitability of this in vitro test system for the identification of potentially non-teratogenic derivatives among this class of chemicals. The highest concentrations of the compounds with no effects (NOAEL) on general conceptus growth, on differentiation and on the frequency of dysmorphogenic embryos in vitro were compared with the lowest effective teratogenic doses in vivo (LOAEL) or with the concentrations leading to 50% inhibition of limb bud cell differentiation (IC50) in vitro. NOAEL's for the parameters of conceptus development ranged from 10(-5) micrograms/ml (0.03 nM) to 10 micrograms/ml (28.7 microM) for the compounds tested. These correlated very well with LOAEL and IC50 (R greater than 0.95). The types of dysmorphogenesis in vitro were those typical for retinoids, and for the most part resembled the malformations found in vivo. We conclude that the whole embryo culture system is a useful tool for the preliminary testing of retinoids.[1]


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