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Influence of carrageenan on the rheology and skin permeation of microemulsion formulations.

Three different microemulsions (A-C) and one semisolid preparation D were investigated in terms of viscoelastic properties and skin permeation of the model compound sodium fluorescein. The influence of the polysaccharide carrageenan on these parameters was investigated. Carrageenan is frequently used as food additive and has very interesting properties like good adhesiveness on skin which can be a benefit for topical application. The viscoelastic properties of the preparations (A-D) and of mixtures with carrageenan (A'-D') were characterized by oscillatory measurements. It was possible to adjust the rheologic properties of the formulations and to increase the sodium fluorescein permeation through porcine skin by mixing them with carrageenan gels. Therefore, the presented formulations as well as mixtures with carrageenan might be promising alternative drug carrier systems for topical pharmaceutical as well as cosmetics.[1]


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