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Disease relevance of Rheology

  • After clarithromycin, the rheology, hydration, cohesion, and transportability of the rhinitis secretions were similar to those of the postclarithromycin secretions from the healthy subjects [1].
  • As one of the underlying mechanisms, as well as antioxidant effects, we want to address an important role of the improvement of rheology of circulating RBCs, which may also help to reduce the requirement of EPO dose in the treatment of anemia of ESRD patients [2].
  • Portal venous flow was measured by electromagnetic flowmetry and blood flow to normal and metastatic liver tissue by the clearance of xenon-133 injected directly into the liver parenchyma or metastasis [3].
  • Patients undergoing angiotensin sensitivity tests as part of a protocol examining the effect of aspirin on the incidence of preeclampsia were studied with Doppler velocimetry performed before and during the angiotensin II infusion [4].
  • Relationship between antepartum cocaine abuse, abnormal umbilical artery Doppler velocimetry, and placental abruption [5].

High impact information on Rheology

  • Although the rheology of olivine, the dominant upper-mantle mineral, has been extensively studied, knowledge about the rheological behaviour of perovskite is limited [6].
  • We looked at the outcome of doppler velocimetry of the umbilical artery in three groups of pregnancies: those with positive end diastolic velocities (PED; n = 214), absent end diastolic velocities (AED; n = 178) and reversed end diastolic velocities (RED; n = 67) [7].
  • In an experiment comparing blood-pressure ratio measured by doppler velocimetry and by plethysmography, the plethysmographic values rose during ketanserin therapy only at thigh level, which suggests an improvement in the collateral circulation [8].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Organic nitrates have beneficial effects on blood rheology in controls but not in patients with diabetes, in whom a paradoxical deterioration is seen [9].
  • At low intracellular Ca(2+), efflux of potassium and water predominates, leading to changes in erythrocyte rheology [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Rheology


Biological context of Rheology


Anatomical context of Rheology


Associations of Rheology with chemical compounds

  • Pluronic had no effect on the rheology or adhesion of normal adult red cells [21].
  • We questioned whether some of the effect was independent of oxygen loading and studied the influence of Fluosol DA (Green Cross, Osaka, Japan) and Pluronic on the rheology and adhesion of sickle red cells saturated with oxygen and carbon monoxide [21].
  • More important, impaired white cell rheology might significantly contribute to microcirculatory flow abnormalities jeopardizing O2 exchange in the terminal vascular bed [26].
  • Moreover, the ability of PA to enhance PLD activity toward phosphatidylcholine was correlated to the physical properties of PA itself, affecting the rheology of the membrane [27].
  • Circular dichroic (CD) spectroscopy supports this folding and self-assembly mechanism, and oscillatory rheology shows that the resulting hydrogel is mechanically rigid (G' = 1000 Pa) [28].

Gene context of Rheology

  • It is proposed that the cyclicity of mucus rheology is not directly influenced by an action of these hormones on mucin synthesis or hydration [29].
  • Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 1 and blood rheology in athletes [30].
  • The results suggest that a layer rich in statherin forms at the interface of saliva and air, and that the surface rheology developed is dependent upon protein interactions mediated by calcium [31].
  • The interaction between two fragments of RPE65 (F1 and F2 which include residues 1-125 and 126-250, respectively) and lipid monolayers has been studied by surface pressure, ellipsometry, and surface rheology measurements [32].
  • Rheology showed that any protein combination that included lysozyme or lactoferrin was shear-thinning, as was apo-TL, though holo-TL was Newtonian (linear) [33].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Rheology


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