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Characterization of breakpoints in the GABRG3 and TSPY genes in a family with a t(Y;15)(p11.2;q12).

We report the clinical, cytogenetic, and molecular findings in a family in which a t(Y;15)(p11.2;q12) is segregating. The Y chromosome breakpoint disrupts the DYZ5 sequence containing the TSPY genes that are exclusively expressed in the testes while the chromosome 15 breakpoint is within the GABRG3 gene. The father and his son who both carried the balanced form of the translocation are clinically normal. A daughter who carried the der Y had the clinical features of Prader-Willi syndrome while a son who carries the der 15 has mild developmental delay and hypogonadism. The relationship of the translocation to the clinical phenotypes is discussed.[1]


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