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Reproductive toxicity evaluation of dietary butyl benzyl phthalate (BBP) in rats.

Butyl benzyl phthalate (BBP) was administered in the diet at 0, 750, 3750, and 11,250 ppm ad libitum to 30 rats per sex per dose for two offspring generations, one litter/breeding pair/generation, through weaning of F2 litters. Adult F0 systemic toxicity and adult F1 systemic and reproductive toxicity were present at 11,250 ppm (750 mg/kg per day). At 11,250 ppm, there were reduced F1 and F2 male anogenital distance (AGD) and body weights/litter during lactation, delayed acquisition of puberty in F1 males and females, retention of nipples and areolae in F1 and F2 males, and male reproductive system malformations. At 3750 ppm (250 mg/kg per day), only reduced F1 and F2 offspring male AGD was present. There were no effects on parents or offspring at 750 ppm (50 mg/kg per day). The F1 parental systemic and reproductive toxicity no observable adverse effect level (NOAEL) was 3750 ppm. The offspring toxicity NOAEL was 3750 ppm. The offspring toxicity no observable effect level (NOEL) was 750 ppm, based on the presence of reduced AGD in F1 and F2 males at birth at 3750 ppm, but no effects on reproductive development, structures, or functions.[1]


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