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Control of bacteria adhesion by cell-wall engineering.

UDP-MurNAc-pentapeptide derivative bacterial cell-wall precursors were synthesized as effective tools for surface display on living bacteria. Lactobacilli were incubated in the ketone-modified precursor-containing medium, and the ketone moiety was displayed on the bacterial surface through cell-wall biosynthesis. Oligomannose was coupled with the ketone moiety on the bacterial surface via a aminooxyl linker, thereby displaying this oligosaccharide on the surface of the bacteria. The increase in the adhesion of the sugar-displaying bacteria onto a concanavalin A-attached film compared to that of native bacteria was confirmed by microscopic observation and surface plasmon resonance measurement. The incorporation of the artificial cell-wall precursors was enhanced when incubated with fosfomycin, an inhibitor of cell-wall precursor biosynthesis.[1]


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