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Influence of body iron store status and cigarette smoking on cadmium body burden of healthy Thai women and men.

The influence of cigarette smoking, body iron store status and gender on cadmium (Cd) body burden was examined in a group of 197 healthy Thais with overall mean age of 30.5 year (19-47 year). The lowest, geometric mean, and the highest urinary Cd excretion rate was 0.04, 0.46 and 3.84 microg/g creatinine, respectively. The prevalence of low iron stores (serum ferritin <20 microg/l) was 16% and 2% in women and men, respectively. All women (n = 99) were non-smokers, but they had the same Cd body burden as did men (n = 47) who on average smoked 8.7 cigarettes per day for 9 years. These women and men had 1.9-fold greater body Cd burden than did non-smoking men (t = 4, P < 0.001). In addition, the women Cd body burden was found to be inversely correlated with serum ferritin (r = -0.39, P < 0.001) and those with low iron stores showed a 3.4-fold greater Cd body burden than did women whose serum ferritin being between 101 and 200 microg/l (F = 6.2, P = 0.003, one-way ANOVA). In contrast, men's Cd body burden did not show a significant correlation with serum ferritin, but it did show a positive correlation with cumulative cigarette smoking index (r = 0.29, P = 0.02). Thus, iron status and cigarette smoking were found to be determinants of Cd body burden in young adult Thai women and men.[1]


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