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Spontaneous retinal activity modulates BDNF trafficking in the developing chick visual system.

Both neuronal activity and neurotrophin signaling play critical roles in normal CNS development. This study examined whether spontaneous retinal activity (SRA) also governs the axonal transport of endogenous brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) protein within the developing chick visual system. In previous work, we have found that during the normal period of SRA, retinal BDNF protein levels decrease by about 50% while BDNF mRNA levels remain elevated. Here, we show that the blockade of SRA with tetrodotoxin (TTX), or the blockade of axonal transport with colchicine, both reversed the normal mismatch between retinal BDNF mRNA and protein. The axonal transport of retinal-derived BDNF in segments of the optic nerve as well as tectal-derived BDNF protein transported in segments of the optic tract were both significantly reduced after very brief periods of activity blockade. These results suggest that normal SRA plays a role in regulating the axonal transport of endogenous BDNF protein.[1]


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