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Sera from patients with collapsing focal segmental glomerulosclerosis increase albumin permeability of isolated glomeruli.

The collapsing variant of focal segment glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) is characterized by heavy proteinuria and rapid progression to renal failure. Its cause is not known. We have characterized a substance in the circulation of patients with classic FSGS that increases in vitro permeability of glomeruli to albumin (P(alb)) and causes proteinuria when injected into rats. Inclusion of normal serum prevents the increase in P(alb) caused by this FSGS factor. We investigated the effect of sera from patients with collapsing FSGS on P(alb), as well as the effect of inclusion of normal serum. Isolated glomeruli were incubated with serum from each of 11 patients with collapsing FSGS (1:50 dilution) or with patient serum and an equal volume of pooled normal serum. P(alb) was determined on the basis of changes in glomerular volume in response to an oncotic gradient. Sera from 10 of the 11 patients with collapsing FSGS increased P(alb) of isolated glomeruli to a value of 0.5 or greater. In each of the 5 cases tested, inclusion of normal serum abolished the increase in P(alb). Sera of patients with collapsing FSGS increased glomerular P(alb). Our finding that the increase in P(alb) is abolished by normal serum suggests that the substance and its mechanism of action are similar or identical to the FSGS factor we have isolated from the plasma of patients with recurrent FSGS. The presence of a circulating factor in collapsing FSGS has implications for prognosis and treatment in primary and recurrent collapsing FSGS.[1]


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