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Measurement of the heat of reaction transmitted intracranially during polymerization of methylmethacrylate cranial bone cement used in stabilization of the fossa component of an alloplastic temporomandibular joint prosthesis.

Temporomandibular joint alloplastic fossa replacements have always been difficult to stabilize because of the variability of the anatomy in the area both in normal and especially in pathologic states. Total joint reconstruction and stabilization in orthopedic surgery have been aided by the use of methylmethacrylate, which is used both as a cementing substance and as a filler material when there are voids between the implant and the basilar bone. The concept of the use of a filler material to aid in the stabilization of the alloplastic temporomandibular joint fossa is attractive, but of concern because of the exothermic reaction this material undergoes as it sets in proximity to the middle cranial fossa. This study was designed to measure the temperature gradient that exists in such a procedure when used with cadaver specimens. The results indicate that the heat of reaction was not significantly transmitted intracranially in the cadavers studied. However, I recommend care in the use of this material for this purpose with patients.[1]


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