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Benign positional vertigo: prognostic factors.

OBJECTIVE/HYPOTHESIS: We sought to assess prognostic factors associated with initial successful treatment and recurrence of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) with the canalith repositioning (CRP) maneuver with mastoid vibration. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING: We conducted a retrospective chart review of 104 consecutive BPPV patients at a tertiary care referral center during 1999. METHODS: The main outcome measures were resolution of BPPV and absence of nystagmus on Hallpike maneuver. RESULTS: Ninety-three patients (89.4%) experienced initial symptom resolution, and 21 of the initially successful patients had a recurrence (recurrence rate of 22.6%). Prior trauma or labyrinthitis was found to predict the lowest initial CRP success. Endolymphatic hydrops and central nervous system-related dizziness as cofactors with BPPV were associated with the highest recurrence rates. CONCLUSION AND SIGNIFICANCE: Specific concurrent otologic conditions are associated with different outcomes in BPPV.[1]


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