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Analysis of spontaneous base substitutions generated in mutator strains of Bacillus subtilis.

In the current studies, we investigated base substitutions in the Bacillus subtilis mutT, mutM, and mutY DNA error-prevention system. In the wild type strain, spontaneous mutations were mainly transitions, either G:C --> A:T or A:T --> G:C. Although both transitions and transversions were observed in mutY and mutM mutants, mutM/mutY double mutants contain strictly G:C --> T:A transversions. In the mutT strain, A:T --> C:G transversion was not observed, and over-expression of the B. subtilis mutT gene had no effect on the mutation rate in the Escherichia coli mutT strain. Using 8-oxo-dGTP-induced mutagenesis, transitions especially A:T --> G:C were predominant in the wild type and mutY strains. In contrary, transversion was high on mutY and double mutant ( mutM mutY). Finally, the opuBC and yitG genes were identified from the B. subtilis chromosome as mutator genes that prevented the transition base substitutions.[1]


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