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Craniofacial anomalies of the amniotic band syndrome in serial clinical cases.

Amniotic band syndrome has been proposed as a sequela of intrauterine rupture of the amnion, resulting in oligohydramnios and passage of the fetus into the chorionic cavity. Amnion disruption with loss of amniotic fluid, causing fetal compression and localized fetal ischemia, possibly results in a pathogenic mechanism of extremely variable malformations. The prominence of the nasal processes and the adjacent stomodeal orifice facilitates free band attachment and adherence, resulting in a spectrum of similarly oriented facial defects. The authors present six consecutive cases of amniotic band syndrome with cleft lip and palate (facial cleft 3, 5, 7, and 10, isolated or combined) that were associated with other craniofacial anomalies, such as craniosynostosis and hypertelorbitism. They also present limb malformations and discuss the proposed pathogenesis and the surgical challenges in functional and aesthetic restoration.[1]


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