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The role of luminal gastrin in the regulation of pancreatic juice secretion in preruminant calves.

The effect of luminal gastrin on the secretion of pancreatic juice was studied in seven conscious preruminant calves employing luminal infusions of gastrin and cholecystokinin (CCK)-9 and pharmacological CCK1 and CCK2 receptor blocks with antagonists. The study was performed in the preprandial and prandial states. Pharmacological blocking of the CCK2 receptor, like that of the CCK1 receptor, resulted in reduction of pancreatic postprandial secretion and increased the duration of the prandial pattern of duodenal electrical activity. Exogenous luminal gastrin, like luminal CCK-9, enhanced the secretion of pancreatic juice proteins, though the overall effect of gastrin was weaker than that of CCK-9. The effect was inhibited by infusion of CCK2 but also by CCK1 receptor antagonist. In conclusion, duodenal luminal gastrin can stimulate exocrine pancreatic secretion by a mechanism that depends on CCK2 receptors in calves. Involvement of the CCK1 receptor in this mechanism needs further investigation. Prandial pancreatic secretory and duodenal motility cycles can be regulated by endogenous gastrin release.[1]


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