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Induction of RANTES by TWEAK/Fn14 interaction in human keratinocytes.

TNF-like weak inducer of apoptosis (TWEAK), a member of the tumor necrosis factor (TNF) family, is a multifunctional cytokine that regulate cellular proliferation, angiogenesis, inflammation, and apoptosis. In this study, we investigated the effect of TWEAK on human keratinocytes. Primary cultured normal human keratinocytes constitutively expressed a TWEAK receptor, fibroblast growth factor-inducible 14 (Fn14), and produced regulated on activation, normal T expressed and secreted (RANTES) upon TWEAK stimulation in a concentration-dependent manner. The TWEAK- induced RANTES production was abrogated by anti-Fn14 antibody, and synergistically augmented by simultaneous stimulation with transforming growth factor-beta. In addition, human keratinocytes differentiated in vitro with high Ca(2+)-containing medium showed enhanced production of RANTES upon TWEAK stimulation. Furthermore, TWEAK induced rapid phosphorylation of IkappaB-alpha in human keratinocytes. Collectively, TWEAK acts on human keratinocytes as an inducer of RANTES via Fn14. Because RANTES has been implicated in inflammation, TWEAK/Fn14 interaction in human keratinocytes may be involved in the pathophysiology of inflammatory skin disorders.[1]


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