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Ophthalmic glucose sensing: a novel monosaccharide sensing disposable and colorless contact lens.

We have developed a technology for continuous tear glucose monitoring, and therefore potentially blood glucose monitoring, using a daily use, disposable contact lens embedded with sugar-sensing boronic acid containing fluorophores. The novelty of our approach is two fold. Firstly, the notion of sensing extremely low glucose concentrations in tears by our approach, and secondly, the unique compatibility of our new probes with the internal environment of the disposable, off-the-shelf, contact lenses, chosen because the physiological compatibility of disposable plastic contact lenses has already been assessed and optimized with regard to vision correction, size and oxygen/analyte permeability. Our findings show that our approach is indeed suitable for the continuous monitoring of tear glucose levels in the concentration range (50-500 microM), which track blood glucose levels which are approximately 5-10 fold higher. We believe our approach offers unique opportunities for non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring for diabetics, especially since many have eye disorders and require vision correction by either contact lenses or glasses, which is thought to be due to glycation of protein in blood vessels.[1]


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