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Androgen receptor mRNA expression in the bovine ovary.

Previous studies have shown that androgen receptor ( AR) is expressed in granulosa cells of healthy, growing ovarian follicles in rats and primates. However, AR expression in the bovine ovary has not been examined. Therefore, a 346-base pair segment of the bovine AR was cloned and sequenced. Using a ribonuclease protection assay, AR expression was detected in total RNA from bovine ovarian cortex. Expression (absence or presence) of AR mRNA was detected by in situ hybridization in bovine ovarian cortex. Follicles (n = 32) were classified as follows: type 1 (1 layer of flattened granulosa cells), type 2 (1-1.5 layers of cuboidal granulosa cells), type 3 (2-3 layers of granulosa cells), type 4 (4-6 layers of cuboidal granulosa cells and formation of thecal layer), and type 5 (>6 layers of cuboidal granulosa cells, defined theca layer, and antrum formation). Frequency of AR mRNA expression increased (P < 0.001) as follicles entered the growing pool. Expression of AR mRNA was absent in type 1 follicles (n = 8), but present in the granulosa cells of 41% of type 2 follicles (n = 12). In types 3-5 follicles, AR mRNA expression was present in granulosa cells of 100% of follicles examined (n = 4, 4, and 4, respectively) and was greater than type 1 follicles (P = 0.002). These data provide evidence of AR mRNA expression in bovine follicles and suggest that AR mRNA increases during early follicle development.[1]


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