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Ovarian Follicle

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Disease relevance of Ovarian Follicle


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Chemical compound and disease context of Ovarian Follicle


Biological context of Ovarian Follicle


Anatomical context of Ovarian Follicle


Associations of Ovarian Follicle with chemical compounds

  • The alterations in morphology and function of the ovarian follicle as it matures, ovulates, and becomes a corpus luteum are dramatic [25].
  • C/EBP beta is thus established as a critical downstream target of G-protein-coupled LH receptor signaling and one of the first transcription factors, other than steroid hormone receptors, known to be required for ovarian follicle development in vivo [26].
  • In addition, increasing evidence demonstrates that Ang II is a major factor in regulating the function of atretic follicles [27].
  • Progesterone concentration (mean +/- SEM; ng/ml) of FF was generally elevated in all preovulatory follicles (635 +/- 53) compared to immature or atretic follicles (230 +/- 64 and 76 +/- 17, respectively; P less than 0.05) [28].
  • Localization of angiotensin II receptors in ovarian follicles and the identification of angiotensin II in rat ovaries [29].

Gene context of Ovarian Follicle

  • Hsf2(-/-) females suffer from multiple fertility defects: the production of abnormal eggs, the reduction in ovarian follicle number and the presence of hemorrhagic cystic follicles are consistent with meiotic defects [30].
  • Transcriptional repressor functions of Drosophila E2F1 and E2F2 cooperate to inhibit genomic DNA synthesis in ovarian follicle cells [31].
  • The neurogenic locus brainiac cooperates with the Drosophila EGF receptor to establish the ovarian follicle and to determine its dorsal-ventral polarity [32].
  • The interaction between brn and DER is also required for at least two earlier follicle cell activities which are necessary to establish the ovarian follicle [32].
  • The daughterless gene functions together with Notch and Delta in the control of ovarian follicle development in Drosophila [33].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Ovarian Follicle


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