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Expression of the RNA-binding protein CRD-BP in brain and non-small cell lung tumors.

The coding region determinant-binding protein (CRD-BP) is an RNA binding protein that recognizes c-myc and IGF-II leader 3 mRNAs as well as the oncofetal H19 RNA. CRD-BP exhibits an oncofetal pattern of expression and has been detected in the majority of colon (81%), breast (58.5%) and sarcoma (73%) tumors. The study of CRD-BP expression was extended in brain tumors and Non small cell lung (NSCL) carcinomas and 12/24 malignant, 2/5 benign neuroepithelial tumors and 4/15 of NSCL carcinomas were found positive. All normal matching tissues tested were found negative. The highest frequency (60%) of CRD-BP positive tumors was observed in meningiomas, either benign (11/18) or atypical (3/3). These findings confirm that CRD-BP expression is restricted in tumors; the frequency of its de novo expression may vary according to tumor type and appears to be an early event in the transformation process.[1]


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