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Neuron-specific expression of neuroglobin in mammals.

Neuroglobin, a vertebrate oxygen-binding protein, is expressed in many regions of the adult brain. We examined the cell type-specific expression of neuroglobin in neurons and astroglial cells in primary cultures of fetal hippocampal cells and sections of the adult mouse brain using neuroglobin-specific polyclonal antibodies and cell type-specific markers NeuN and GFAP to differentiate between neurons and glial cells. Neuroglobin is exclusively expressed in neurons, but not in astroglial cells. Accordingly, neuroglobin was detected in two neuroblastoma cell lines (N2a, SH-SY5Y) and the pheochromocytoma cell line PC-12, but not in glioblastoma cell lines (DKMG, GAMG) or other, non-neural cells (HeLa, Vero). Analysis of the neuroglobin genomic sequence from man and mouse identifies sequence motifs with similarity to the neuron-restrictive silencer element, possibly explaining a neuron-specific expression of neuroglobin.[1]


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