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Neuroglian and FasciclinII can promote neurite outgrowth via the FGF receptor Heartless.

To further investigate the role of the Drosophila cell adhesion molecules (CAMs), we have developed an in vitro assay that allows us to test the contribution individual CAMs make to promote outgrowth of specific Drosophila neurons. The extension of primary cultured neurons on a substrate of purified recombinant CAM is measured. We show that both FasciclinII and Neuroglian are able to promote outgrowth of FasciclinII or Neuroglian expressing neurons, respectively. Furthermore, this growth promotion activity is provided when the CAMs are presented both in a substrate bound or soluble form. We also show that the signal provided by the CAMs acts via the Heartless fibroblast growth factor receptor ( FGFR) as outgrowth is reduced to basal levels in the presence of an FGFR inhibitor or if Heartless function is missing from the neurons.[1]


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