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Mouse complement receptor-related gene y/ p65-neutralized tumor vaccine induces antitumor activity in vivo.

Two mouse tumor cell lines, Meth A (BALB/c mouse-derived fibrosarcoma) and MM46 (C3H/He mouse-derived mammary tumor), were shown to express high levels of complement receptor-related gene y/ p65 (Crry/ p65), a membrane-bound complement-regulatory protein. Inhibiting the complement-regulatory activity of Crry/ p65 with mAb 5D5 induced high levels of C3 deposition on in vivo tumor-derived Meth A and MM46 cells. To determine the effect of Crry/ p65 blockade and increased C3 deposition on in vivo tumor growth, Meth A and MM46 cells were treated with 5D5 mAb and injected into BALB/c and C3H/He mice, respectively. Pretreating MM46 cells with 5D5 mAb significantly suppressed their tumorigenicity when injected s.c. Pretreatment with 5D5 mAb had a modest effect on Meth A s.c. tumor growth. Because complement is involved in the induction of an immune response, we investigated the effect of Crry/ p65 blockade and increased C3 deposition on the immunogenicity of the tumor cells in a vaccination protocol. Vaccination of mice with irradiated Meth A cells pretreated with 5D5 mAb protected mice from subsequent challenge. In contrast, vaccination with irradiated Meth A cells without pretreatment was not protective. Survival was correlated with a high titer IgM response and specific CTL activity. These data demonstrate that the functional inhibition of Crry/ p65 on tumor cells affects tumor growth and immunogenicity, and that the complement deposition resulting from this inhibition can act in concert with antitumor effector mechanisms to elicit potent antitumor immunity in vivo.[1]


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