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Cell Line, Tumor

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  • Finally, we show that E2F3 is not required for cellular immortalization but is rate limiting for the proliferation of the resulting tumor cell lines [31].
  • Thus, perforin-dependent cytotoxicity is not only a crucial mechanism of both cytotoxic T lymphocyte- and NK-dependent resistance to injected tumor cell lines, but also operates during viral and chemical carcinogenesis in vivo [32].
  • We describe the isolation and characterization of two novel monocyte chemotactic factors from this tumor cell line [33].
  • RESULTS: In the absence of multidrug resistance, human tumor cell lines with activated ras oncogenes were uniformly more sensitive to most topoisomerase II inhibitors than were cell lines containing wild-type ras alleles [34].
  • These findings have prompted investigations into whether human tumor cells may be transduced with the IL2 gene and whether tumor cell lines could be engineered to release IL2 [35].

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