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Insulin receptor substrate of 53 kDa links postsynaptic shank to PSD-95.

The insulin receptor substrate of 53 kDa (IRSp53) is a target of the small GTPase cdc42 which is strongly enriched in the postsynaptic density of excitatory synapses. IRSp53 interacts with the postsynaptic shank1 scaffolding molecule in a cdc42 regulated manner. The functional significance of the cdc42/IRSp53 pathway in postsynaptic sites is however, unclear. Here we identify PSD-95 as a second synaptic interaction partner of IRSp53. Interaction is mediated by a C-terminal PDZ binding motif in IRSp53 and the second PDZ domain of PSD-95. In HEK cells, overexpressed IRSp53 induces filopodia and targets PSD-95 into these processes. Immunoprecipitation and immunocytochemistry experiments demonstrate that the interaction occurs at postsynaptic sites in the brain. By virtue of its PDZ-binding and SH3 domains, IRSp53 is capable of inducing the formation of a triple complex (shank1/IRSp53/PSD-95).[1]


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