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Exclusion of galectin 9 as a candidate gene for hyperuricosuria in the Dalmatian dog.

All Dalmatian dogs have an inherited defect in purine metabolism leading to high levels of uric acid excretion in their urine (hyperuricosuria) rather than allantoin, the normal end product of purine metabolism in all other breeds of dog. Transplantation experiments have demonstrated that the defect is intrinsic to the liver and not the kidney. Uricase, the enzyme involved in the breakdown of urate into allantoin, has been shown to function in Dalmatian liver cells. Therefore, candidate genes for this defect include transporters of urate, a salt of uric acid, across cell membranes. We excluded one such urate transporter candidate, galectin 9, using a Dalmatian x Pointer backcross in which hyperuricosuria was segregating.[1]


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