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p-Nitrotoluene causes hyperactivity in the rat.

It has not been known which endocrine disruptors exert their effects on neuronal functions, particularly leading to behavioral alterations. To address this, we examined the effects of p-nitrotoluene, an endocrine disruptor, on rat behavior and gene expression. Single intracisternal administration of p-nitrotoluene (ca. 10 microg) into 5-day-old male Wistar rats caused significant hyperactivity at 4-5 weeks of age. They were about 1.4-fold more active in the nocturnal phase after administration of p-nitrotoluene than control rats. Based on DNA array analyses, p-nitrotoluene decreased more than two-fold the levels of gene expression of the mesencephalic dopamine transporter at 8 weeks old. Thus, it was demonstrated for the first time that p-nitrotoluene definitely affected the developing brain, resulting in hyperactivity in the rat.[1]


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