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The multivalent PDZ domain-containing protein PDZK1 regulates transport activity of renal urate-anion exchanger URAT1 via its C terminus.

The urate-anion exchanger URAT1 is a member of the organic anion transporter (OAT) family that regulates blood urate level in humans and is targeted by uricosuric and antiuricosuric agents. URAT1 is expressed only in the kidney, where it is thought to participate in tubular urate reabsorption. We found that the multivalent PDZ (PSD-95, Drosophila discs-large protein, Zonula occludens protein 1) domain-containing protein, PDZK1 interacts with URAT1 in a yeast two-hybrid screen. Such an interaction requires the PDZ motif of URAT1 in its extreme intracellular C-terminal region and the first, second, and fourth PDZ domains of PDZK1 as identified by yeast two-hybrid assay, in vitro binding assay and surface plasmon resonance analysis (K(D) = 1.97-514 nM). Coimmunoprecipitation studies revealed that the wild-type URAT1, but not its mutant lacking the PDZ-motif, directly interacts with PDZK1. Colocalization of URAT1 and PDZK1 was observed at the apical membrane of renal proximal tubular cells. The association of URAT1 with PDZK1 enhanced urate transport activities in HEK293 cells (1.4-fold), and the deletion of the URAT1 C-terminal PDZ motif abolished this effect. The augmentation of the transport activity was accompanied by a significant increase in the V(max) of urate transport via URAT1 and was associated with the increased surface expression level of URAT1 protein from HEK293 cells stably expressing URAT1 transfected with PDZK1. Taken together, the present study indicates the novel role of PDZK1 in regulating the functional activity of URAT1-mediated urate transport in the apical membrane of renal proximal tubules.[1]


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