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Increased soluble CD40L levels are reduced by long-term simvastatin treatment in peritoneally dialyzed patients.

BACKGROUND: Dyslipidemia and increased mortality due to cardiovascular events are common in peritoneally dialyzed patients [continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD)]. Statins show beneficial effects on serum lipids and reduce cardiovascular mortality. The CD40-CD40 ligand (CD40L) system has proved critical for the activation of tissue structural cells that include endothelial cells, epithelial cells and fibroblasts. It has been reported that enhanced CD40L-CD40 interaction in familial hypercholesterolemia may be downregulated by statins, but prospective studies on CAPD patients are lacking. AIM: To determine the effects of 6 months treatment with simvastatin on platelet aggregation, markers of endothelial cell injury, and sCD40L in 15 hyperlipidemic CAPD patients. METHODS: Simvastatin (Zocor, Merck Sharp & Dohme) was given in a dose of 10 mg at bedtime. RESULTS: CD40L decreased significantly after 6 months of the therapy. Thrombomodulin decreased significantly after 3 months of the therapy, whereas von Willebrand factor, E-selectin and P-selectin did not change significantly during the study. CONCLUSION: Simvastatin reduced enhanced sCD40L levels together with amelioration of endothelial dysfunction. Treatment with simvastatin might downregulate enhanced CD40L-CD40 interactions in CAPD patients.[1]


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