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Integral membrane protein P16 of bacteriophage PRD1 stabilizes the adsorption vertex structure.

The icosahedral membrane-containing double-stranded DNA bacteriophage PRD1 has a labile receptor binding spike complex at the vertices. This complex, which is analogous to that of adenovirus, is formed of the penton protein P31, the spike protein P5, and the receptor binding protein P2. Upon infection, the internal phage membrane transforms into a tubular structure that protrudes through a vertex and penetrates the cell envelope for DNA injection. We describe here a new class of PRD1 mutants lacking virion-associated integral membrane protein P16. P16 links the spike complex to the viral membrane and is necessary for spike stability. We also show that the unique vertex used for DNA packaging is intact in the P16-deficient particle, indicating that the 11 adsorption vertices and the 1 portal vertex are functionally and structurally distinct.[1]


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