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Calreticulin is a binding protein for muramyl dipeptide and peptidoglycan in RK13 cells.

Calreticulin ( CRT) was isolated and identified as a protein in rabbit kidney RK(13) cells that binds the apoptogenic bacterial cell wall (BCW) components, muramyl dipeptide (MDP) and peptidoglycan (PG). Mannan-agarose purified RK(13) cell CRT (rCRT) selectively bound sepharose-immobilized L,D-MDP and PG, but not L,L-MDP or D,D-MDP. Purified rCRT and bovine CRT (bCRT) also bound free PG and L,D-MDP demonstrated in bioassays of RK(13) cell apoptosis. The results suggest that, in RK(13) cells, (a) CRT is a specific binding protein for both L,D-MDP and PG and (b) CRT binding L,D-MDP or PG is dependent on the stereoisomeric configuration of the dipeptide (L-alanyl-D-isoglutamine) moiety. In addition, the results also suggest that, in RK(13) cells, the binding of L,D-MDP, L,L-MDP, D,D-MDP, or PG to CRT correlates with their capacities of inducing apoptosis.[1]


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