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PP1beta9C interacts with Trithorax in Drosophila wing development.

Type 1 Ser/Thr protein phosphatase ( PP1) has many roles in Drosophila: regulating diverse processes from chromatin condensation to transforming growth factor-beta signaling. The presence of four PP1 genes, PP1alpha87B, PP1beta9C, PP1alpha96A, and PP1alpha13C, encoding very similar proteins complicates analysis of their particular functions. Here, we report that the minor PP1 isoform PP1beta9C binds in vitro and in vivo and genetically interacts with Trithorax (TRX), the archetypal member of the Trx-G family of epigenetic regulators in Drosophila. Direct binding was demonstrated by GST pull-down experiments and PP1beta9C/TRX interaction in vivo was confirmed by coimmune precipitation from Drosophila embryonic extracts. PP1beta9C was found to be present at all TRX sites on the polytene chromosomes. Flies homo- and hemizygous for loss-of-function alleles of PP1beta9C exhibited specific wing defects when combined with various trx mutants, which indicates that PP1beta9C and TRX cooperate in Drosophila wing development.[1]


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