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The effect of leptin on the ventilatory responseto hyperoxia.

Leptin-deficient mice show a blunted response to hypercapnia explained by central nervous system effects. The impact of leptin on peripheral chemoreceptor function is unclear. Therefore, 9 mutant (ob/ob) and 9 wild-type (+/+) mice were exposed to room air or 100% oxygen and respiratory rate (RR) and tidal volume (Vt) were measured. Subsequently, ob/ob mice received either leptin or vehicle and measurements were repeated. Compared to baseline, for +/+ mice, RR decreased significantly by 9.4% +/- 3.0% (means +/- SD), whereas Vt remained unchanged. Transition from normoxia to hyperoxia did not change RR and Vt in untreated ob/ob mice, whereas after leptin treatment, RR and Vt decreased significantly. Leptin deficiency abolishes the response to hyperoxia, which is restored by leptin replacement. Thus, leptin seems to be influential for a competent peripheral chemoreceptor function.[1]


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