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Fine mapping of the muscular dystrophy (AM) gene on chicken chromosome 2q.

Our previous studies revealed that the genetic locus for chicken muscular dystrophy of abnormal muscle (AM) mapped to chromosome 2q, and that the region showed conserved synteny with human chromosome 8q11-24. 3. In the current study, we mapped the chicken orthologues of genes from human chromosome 8q11-24 in order to identify the responsible gene. Polymorphisms in the chicken orthologues were identified in the parents of the resource family. Twenty-three genes and expressed sequence tags (ESTs) were mapped to chicken chromosome 2 by linkage analysis. The detailed comparative map shows a high conservation of synteny between chicken chromosome 2q and human chromosome 8q. The AM locus was mapped between [inositol(myo)-1(or4)-monophosphatase 1] (IMPA1) gene and [core-binding factor, runt domain, alpha-subunit 2; translocated to 1; cyclin D-related] (CBFA2T1) gene. The genes located between IMPA1 and CBFA2T1 are the most likely candidates for chicken muscular dystrophy.[1]


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