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Fatal hepatic haemorrhage in a child-peliosis hepatis versus maltreatment.

A 2.5-year-old boy with known myotubular myopathy (Spiro-Shy-Gonatas syndrome) and gonadorelin intake 9 months ante-mortem was found dead in his bed at home. At autopsy a ruptured subcapsular haematoma of the liver with resulting haemoperitoneum (600 ml) was found. Both lobes of the liver showed numerous circular blood foci <1 mm-2 cm in diameter. Signs of mechanical trauma such as bruising of the abdominal wall were absent. Histologically, the blood cysts were commonly connected to the sinusoids but did not have an endothelial lining and the reticular fibres showed ruptures. These pathomorphological findings are characteristic for peliosis hepatis and the cause of death was therefore determined to be exsanguination due to hepatic haemorrhage from peliosis hepatis instead of from mechanical trauma. To our knowledge this is the youngest casualty from peliosis reported so far.[1]


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