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Cause of Death

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  • OBJECTIVE--To examine the relationship between plasma cholesterol concentration and mortality from major causes of death [30].
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) is the leading cause of death due to poisoning [31].
  • Because of the small numbers of reported events, the short follow-up periods, and the unavailability of data for some specific causes of death, even an overview of all the trial results does not provide good evidence as to whether prophylactic lidocaine is likely to be helpful or harmful [32].
  • In another patient, MDMA was thought to be the immediate cause of death [33].
  • The RR associated with cigarette smoking was 1.9 (1.0, 3.5) when controls with smoking-related causes of death were excluded but declined to 1.5 (0.7, 3.0) when adjusted for ethanol consumption [34].

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