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Abdominal Wall

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Disease relevance of Abdominal Wall


High impact information on Abdominal Wall

  • The plasma glucose responses to s.c. injection of this insulin into the anterior abdominal wall and to i.m. injection into the thigh were similar with respect to the extent, onset, and duration of effect [6].
  • Eyelids and the abdominal wall did not close properly in some Sox11-deficient mice [7].
  • Pitx2, a paired-related homeobox gene that encodes multiple isoforms, is the gene mutated in the haploinsufficient Rieger Syndrome type 1 that includes dental, ocular and abdominal wall anomalies as cardinal features [8].
  • Northern blot analysis of abdominal wall tissue showed that five of six talc-treated animals given placebo expressed mRNA for the murine monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (MCP-1), JE [9].
  • OBJECTIVE: Large midline abdominal wall defects are continuously a challenge for reconstructive surgeons [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Abdominal Wall


Biological context of Abdominal Wall

  • Furthermore, the frequency of altered DNA methylation of LIT1 in patients with midline abdominal-wall defects and macrosomia was significantly higher, 65% (41/63) and 60% (46/77), respectively, than in patients without such defects, 34% (10/29) and 18% (2/11), respectively (P=.012 and P=.02, respectively) [16].
  • In both groups the glycerol level in the microdialysate (lipolysis index) started to increase steadily from the start of the general anesthesia until the abdominal wall was closed [17].
  • Maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein in fetal neural tube and abdominal wall defects at 10 to 14 weeks of gestation [18].
  • In addition, the expression pattern of MyoD-lacZ transgenes in the intercostal and abdominal wall muscles of Myf-5-/- and MyoD-/- embryos suggests that appropriate development of these muscles is dependent on both genes and, therefore, these muscles have a dual embryonic origin (epaxial and hypaxial) [19].
  • Three weeks after surgery, serial cross-sections of the reconstructed abdominal wall were stained with hematoxylin and eosin or embryonic myosin antibody, a well-characterized molecular marker of early myogenesis in development and regeneration [20].

Anatomical context of Abdominal Wall


Associations of Abdominal Wall with chemical compounds

  • Diffusion chambers were affixed to the serosal side of the anterior abdominal wall of rats, and solutions containing radiolabeled urea or mannitol were placed in the chambers [26].
  • Using a depot testosterone formulation which provides stable, physiological range testosterone levels for up to 6 months, we studied nine men before and after insertion of six 200 mg testosterone implants under the abdominal wall skin and compared the results with 38 men treated in a previous study with weekly im injections of 200 mg TE [27].
  • Electrocautery, but not scalpel, incision of the porcine abdominal wall increased ethane levels significantly (p < .02) [28].
  • There was, however, extraskeletal uptake of the 99mTc bone tracer in the anterior abdominal wall confined to the sites of subcutaneous heparin administration [29].
  • At the time of incision (33 +/- 16 min after the injection), cefotetan concentrations were 14.2 +/- 7 micrograms/g in abdominal-wall fat, 16.4 +/- 1 micrograms/g in epiploic fat, and 163 +/- 62 mg/liter in serum [30].

Gene context of Abdominal Wall


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Abdominal Wall


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