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Sunday Canyon virus, a new ungrouped agent from the tick Argas (A.) cooleyi in Texas.

A new arbovirus was isolated from Texas, U.S.A., populations of the Cliff Swallow parasits Argas (Argas) cooleyi Kohls and Hoogstraal, 1960. The virus, named Sunday Canyon, is serological urelated to any of 185 arbovirus strains or 20 other viral agents with which it was compared. Morphologically it resembles Bunyamwera viruses and, in common with them, is sensitive to lipid solvents and acid pH, and apparently possesses RNA. Although considerably resistant to a temperature of 41.5 degrees C, it rapidly loses infectivity when incubated at 56 degrees C. It is lethal for newborn white mice and infective for the Vero and Antheraea eucalypti cell lines. Sundays Canyon virus is the second tick-associated, Bunyamwera virus-like agent known from North America and the third virus to be reported from A. cooleyi in Texas.[1]


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